Are You Branding Your YouTube Videos?

A simple example of YouTube branding… This video utilizes the YouTube Annotation Tool. Notice also the clickable link to another video in the upper right corner toward the end of the video. This was also placed using the YouTube Annotation tool.

To find the Annotation Tool, follow this procedure:

  1. Pull down the menu underneath your user name in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Highlight “My Videos” which will provide a list of all the videos you have uploaded
  3. Choose a video by clicking on its title
  4. In the light gray menu bar just below the YouTube logo, select the “Annotations” button

For a better effect, a full-page front or end plate can be displayed with full artistic effect. Simply create the graphic in your favorite graphic program, then use Sony Movie Studio, or a similar tool, to insert the graphic into the video. Will devote a future blog post to describing this procedure.

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