Receiving Coverage in Print Media

Although the world seems to be rapidly embracing digital technologies, print media outlets are still significant factors.  Most major newspapers provide their stories in online formats as well as in print, further strengthening any “good press” your business may receive.

Yaro Starak is an up-and-coming marketer who plays in both print and digital arenas.  His recent blog post, How to Get Coverage in Print Media, provides a detailed blueprint for generating frequent coverage by print media outlets.

By systematizing your efforts for dealing with print media, you can build a following among writers who cover your niche.  When writers wish to consult an “expert” for a quote, they may call on you based on the strength of your press releases.

If you write a blog regularly, consider re-purposing appropriate blog postings as press releases.  Using this tactic will keep your writing load manageable while feeding the press quality material.

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