Time Management: The 30-day Challenge

One of the most fascinating people to follow in the tech world is Matt Cutts from Google.  Sure, he’s a computer scientist, and can be nerdy at times, but he offers some great advice on making web sites acceptable to Google’s search engine.  You can read his personal blog, or watch him on the Google Webmaster Help channel on YouTube (my personal favorite), or follow him on various social media sites.

Recently, Matt published a non-technical video of his presentation at the TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a biannual meeting featuring short talks by a number of interesting people.  His Topic, “Try Something New for 30 Days,” outlines a plan for taking action that should work well for many people.  Listen to the video below (3.5 minutes) to see if this applies to you. It seems like a valuable tool to use at the beginning of a new year.

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