Valentine’s Day Marketing

Here’s an innovative marketing idea for Valentine’s Day…   Might not make you any immediate money, but it will endear you to some of your clients.

  1. Identify as many singles as possible on your client list.   Let’s not forget widows, widowers, single parents, etc.
  2. Buy a box (or several boxes of Valentine’s cards), enough for everyone on your list.
  3. Send each person on the list a valentine’s card with a simple, handwritten “Just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you…” message.   Make it nice, upbeat, and positive.
  4. Mail out the cards as early as possible.
  5. To make this plan really work, call everyone to whom you sent a card on Valentine’s Day.   Don’t discuss business, just give them a cheery “Happy Valentine’s Day” and ask how his/her day is going so far…   Then just listen.   You’ll be surprised at the response, I guarantee.

Pretty simple and inexpensive, right?   I figure a box of decent cards will be about $2 per card, with an envelope, plus a $.44 stamp.   If you send twenty cards, your mini-campaign will cost you under $50.

Why should you do this?   Because many, many of your clients will spend Valentine’s Day alone, and won’t receive any cards.

If you care enough about them to send a non-commercial card, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll remember you the next time they need whatever you provide. This is just a simple way to connect with them when they might really appreciate a friendly gesture.

I challenge you to try this tactic during the next week – NO EXCUSES! You might be surprised at the impact it has on business, not to mention your own frame of mind.

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