Walking Softly on the Telephone

Sometimes we need to "Walk Softly" as we use the telephone. We have all been victims of Telemarketers who call at inconvenient times. You know the type - can't pronounce your name, obviously

Sometimes we need to “Walk Softly” as we use the telephone.  We have all been victims of Telemarketers who call at inconvenient times.  You know the type – can’t pronounce your name, obviously reading from a script, mispronouncing words, talking forever, won’t take accept “NO” for an answer…  The phone call from hell.

Many of us shy away from using the telephone in business just because we don’t want to be associated with telemarketing.  There is a better way, however.

How many clients do you have in your computer who haven’t spoken with you for three or more months?  Have you ever considered calling them just to see how they are doing?  You could ask them how that widget machine is working, you know, the one they bought from you last year?  Or you could wish them a Happy Birthday, or ask about her son’s graduation, or mention the article you saw about the in the paper…  There are dozens of reasons you could call, just to show you care.  You don’t need to talk about business.  Just connect with them, find out how they are doing, perhaps discover a few things about them that you didn’t know.

If you think about it, how many times have people who have sold you things in the past bothered to call “just because”?  Would it make you feel better if you heard from some of your vendors occasionally?

Take a soft walk around your client base from time to time…  Don’t talk about business.  Ask about something else.  Engage them in conversation, be interested in THEM and the things that are important to THEM.  Then send them a Thank You card… “Thanks for the conversation…  It was great catching up with you…  Hope your daughter’s wedding goes well.”  Make a goal to just talk with one person in your database every day, and send them a card to thank them for the call.  Let them know that you are glad to have them as an acquaintance and client.  They’ll love you for it…

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