How to Write Powerful Headlines


Writing powerful headlines is a skill that most entrepreneurs need because headlines are not only a brief content summary, they are also the words that attract readers, who eventually become buyers or users of a company’s product or service. Headlines are the forward edge of marketing campaigns because they are the most visible portion of all content. Think of a headline as the goods in a store window that attract people into a shop or business.

By their very nature, Headlines are designed to attract, even demand, attention. If the headline does not do its job, fewer readers will see the underlying content, no matter how good it is. This goes for blog posts, email campaigns, article titles, and trade show displays. While it may be possible to hire writers to create good content, many entrepreneurs recognize that they must exercise great control of the headline because it not only introduces written or visual content, it attracts potential buyers.

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Demand Attention

Via Salesforce

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